Drivers who frequent Virginia highways and streets may feel some peace of mind when they learn of the latest safety features included in many new tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. Often sharing the road with these behemoth vehicles can be stressful since truck accidents can be far more serious than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. What many drivers may not realize is that some truckers disengage the safety features meant to protect them.

A recent survey revealed that some truckers simply do not like using such safety features as adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning systems, automatic braking and forward collision warning. In some cases, the truckers reported that they did not trust the systems to respond better than the driver could. Other truckers admitted that the warnings were simply annoying, so they disengaged the safety systems entirely.

On the other hand, a different study showed that some truckers place too much responsibility on these automated systems. In fact, having pedestrian detection or collision warnings to alert them seems to invite some truck drivers to engage in dangerously distracting behaviors. This includes texting and even playing games on their phones while driving.

Perhaps the bottom line is that technology in trucks will not make the roads safer if the truckers do not take seriously their obligation to use caution behind the wheel. Virginia drivers may have a false sense of security if they believe more technology will improve their travels among big rigs. Fortunately, those who suffer injuries or lose loved ones in truck accidents can reach out to experienced legal professionals for effective representation when seeking the compensation they deserve following a truck accident.

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