In states like Virginia, where passing the driving test can be exceedingly tough, obtaining a driver’s license is often a feat. It frequently means a driver has studied the rules of the road and mastered at least the general points of operating a motor vehicle. Whether drivers lose their licenses through violations or never obtain one in the first place, driving without a license is a serious offense, especially when unlicensed drivers are responsible for deadly motor vehicle accidents.

Recently, an unlicensed driver was involved in an accident that resulted in the death of a motorcycle operator. The accident occurred on a multi-lane highway in the early hours of the evening. The woman driving a pickup truck attempted to make a U-turn and drove into the path of the motorcycle. The bike slammed into the back of the pickup resulting in traumatic injuries for the 25-year-old operator.

The driver of the pickup remained at the scene. First responders tried to stabilize the victim, but his injuries were too severe, and he died before they could transport him to the hospital. The woman was charged for failing to yield the right of way and operating a vehicle without a license.

The devastating loss of loved ones in motor vehicle accidents is something that is too familiar to Virginia residents. Dealing with the aftermath of a tragic accident involves facing the emotional, physical and financial burdens that often result. Having access to available resources may relieve some of these burdens. This may include reaching out an attorney for assistance in seeking much-needed compensation for their suffering and loss.

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