Traveling on any major highway in Virginia has its risks. However, the greatest risks may belong to interstates and highways where speeds are higher and larger vehicles are more common. In fact, one of the greatest hazards on any road is the potential for truck accidents. Virginia police predict the rate of accidents involving large commercial vehicles will only increase in the future.

Statistics show that tractor-trailer crashes make up about 20% of total accidents in counties where major interstates intersect. However, those accidents can be far more devastating than passenger vehicle accidents. Larger, heavier vehicles traveling at highway speeds have the potential to create disasters when they are involved in traffic accidents.

Police say truck accidents on interstates are more likely to cause injuries and death and that they involve highway cleanup that can take hours, depending on the cargo of the truck. Virginia police have specific concerns about Interstate 81, which runs north and south through the state. However, I-64, which leads travelers across the Chesapeake Bay to Virginia Beach, is also notorious for truck accidents.

When a 40-ton truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the occupants of the smaller vehicle are at great risk of catastrophic injury. When truck accidents occur because operators or trucking companies fail to exercise appropriate care and compliance with safety regulations, accident victims may have many questions about their options for pursuing the compensation they need and deserve. With the assistance of a Virginia attorney, they may find the answers and guidance they are looking for.


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