A motor vehicle accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and it can be difficult for some accident victims to come to terms with injuries that resulted from someone else’s negligence. One of the most offensive causes of motor vehicle accidents may be drunk driving. Unfortunately, many travelers suffer devastating injuries through no fault of their own when another driver persists in driving after drinking alcohol.

Many Virginia Beach residents were shocked by a recent accident involving a beloved college professor and her husband. The couple were sitting at a traffic light only a few minutes from their home when an allegedly drunk driver slammed into the back of their vehicle at 60 mph. The impact sent the couple’s vehicle spinning and resulted in severe injuries for the professor. Her diaphragm tore open, and her internal organs became displaced into her chest cavity.

Doctors performed immediate surgery on her, and she and her husband, who suffered several broken bones, remained hospitalized for weeks. The driver of the other vehicle apparently has no recollection of drinking alcohol or being involved in an accident. Nevertheless, police arrested him for drunk driving, and he is facing serious charges because of the severity of the injuries to the couple.

When motor vehicle accidents occur because of drunk drivers, it may make no sense to the victims, who often suffer from the effects for a lifetime afterward. However, it may help victims restore some sense of justice by seeking compensation from the one responsible for their injuries. A skilled Virginia attorney can provide guidance and assistance throughout the process.

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