There are times when normal safety precautions, such as driving the speed limit and wearing a seat belt, are not enough to protect travelers from danger. In the blink of an eye, another driver’s actions may result in a devastating accident with deadly results. This is especially true if a tractor-trailer is involved. Those who use Virginia highways understand that  truck accidents can occur when they least expect it.

One such incident took place on a recent afternoon and left the highway in chaos for hours. For unknown reasons, the 52-year-old operator of a northbound tractor-trailer crossed the median into southbound traffic. His rig slammed head-on into a passenger car and a box truck, killing the drivers of all three vehicles and seriously injuring a passenger in the box truck.

The box truck was then struck by another vehicle whose occupants suffered minor injuries. The trailer of the truck that had crossed the median then collided with a southbound tractor-trailer, and its driver also suffered injuries. All the drivers and passengers involved in the accident were wearing seat belts at the time.

Virginia investigators had no immediate explanation for why the tractor-trailer veered off the road and into opposing traffic. In similar cases, authorities may examine the truck for defects and order an autopsy of the driver to see if impairment or a medical emergency contributed to the accident. Meanwhile, those suffering with injuries or grieving the loss of loved ones will have many questions and concerns. When faced with the aftermath of devastating truck accidents, many find the answers they seek by speaking with a compassionate and aggressive attorney who can assist them in pursuing full financial accountability from the parties deemed responsible.



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