To many in Virginia, it is no surprise to hear that motor vehicle accidents occur over the holidays. After all, many factors seem to create a perfect storm for auto accidents and injuries. More drivers may be distracted, drowsy or intoxicated during the holidays, and this can lead to devastating collisions. This recent holiday season was no exception.

State police and safety advocates made valiant efforts to remind drivers to pay attention and be safe on the roads during the holidays. Nevertheless, emergency crews responded to numerous accidents during the five days leading up to Christmas. Between Saturday, Dec. 21 and Wednesday, Dec. 25, six fatal crashes occurred in various counties across the state.

A rough estimate shows that these six fatalities bring the total to at least 800 lives lost in traffic accidents throughout Virginia during 2019. Three of those deaths occurred on Christmas Day. While other families were celebrating together, accident victims and their loved ones were bringing in the new year much differently.

Accidents and injuries during holiday travel may not be surprising news. Nevertheless, it can be shocking and tragic for those families struggling with the loss of a loved one or the pain of injuries suffered in an auto accident. Those in this situation through the negligent or reckless actions of another may have many questions about their options for pursuing recovery of monetary damages for their suffering and loss. A Virginia attorney can assist them in examining their options.

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