The state of Virginia is not a safe place for pedestrians. In fact, recent data shows that with December not yet over, 2019 is on track to be the deadliest year in a decade for motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. Last year, 15% of the victims of fatal motor vehicle accidents were those on foot. It is likely that 2019 will surpass that percentage. Methods of engineering more pedestrian-friendly streets and intersections may be one answer, but more of the burden may lie with drivers.

While some say that pedestriansown distracted behavior is the cause of most such accidents, not everyone agrees with this opinion. Often it is a combination of factors with the negligence of a driver at the center. It is not always elderly drivers who strike pedestrians either. Studies show that half of those driving a car that injures or kills a pedestrian are under the age of 40. Only about 20% are older than 60.

The states age range for victims is fairly evenly spread. About one third are younger than 30, another third are between 40 and 50, and one third are at least 60. Weather is apparently not a material factor either since only about 13% of pedestrian fatalities happened during adverse weather conditions.

Distracted, impaired and fatigued driving are often factors in motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. When a vehicle strikes someone on foot, it is likely to result in catastrophic injuries or even death, leaving families to struggle to put their lives back together. Many victims of pedestrian accidents in Virginia turn to a skilled attorney to learn about their options for pursuing compensation that will help them regain some normalcy in their lives.

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